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Pokemon Gnakry


During my trip to Guinea Conakry I photographed the acrobats and dancers from the company called the Pokemon Gnakry while they were training.


I have always shown in my work a great interest for the human form and faces. This project blends both portraiture and body shots, elements that I find particularly compelling to capture through my lens.


The Pokémon Gnakry troupe travels extensively across various regions of the country and beyond, showcasing a mesmerizing repertoire encompassing acrobatics, traditional dances, contemporary performances, and Hip Hop.


Most of these talented individuals have received training from the Centre d’Art Acrobatique Keita Fodeba (Keita Fodeba Centre for Acrobatic Arts). Established in 1998, the center's mission is to nurture street children and youth, providing them with instruction in acrobatics, contortionism, as well as offering pre-professional training and literacy programs. 


It is a hub for some of Africa’s most accomplished contortionists and acrobats. Graduates from this institution have performed on international stages in Europe and North America. They have collaborated with prestigious acts such as Cirque du Soleil among others. 


Touré Bandjougou, 22, Conakry

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