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American Dream


The Illusion of Heroism: A Reflection on war.


Amidst the peak of the Iraq War, the Bush administration maintained an unwaveringly positive facade despite internal strife among soldiers, families of soldiers and leaders. This persistent distortion of the war's reality, combined with scant support both on the battlefield and at home, heightened tensions. Media bans effectively shielded the truth from public view, while orchestrated propaganda campaigns glorified military service, masking the true human toll of the conflict.


Inspired by an actual US Marine Corps advertising campaign, this photo collection digs into the deep impact on soldiers who were failed by a system not just abroad, but also upon their return home. The images explore various themes: from the intricate interplay of patriotism and warfare, to the dynamics of authority and abuse, and the delicate balance between freedom and the stark disparity between appearances and reality.


Drawing from René Magritte's iconic painting "Ceci n’est pas une pipe," I used the theory of the Treachery of Images to boldly proclaim a poignant message: "This is not a dream" (ceci n’est pas un rêve). In doing so, these photographs challenge viewers to confront the uncomfortable truths obscured beneath the surface and to acknowledge the profound consequences of a conflict often presented through a distorted lens.

“American Beauty - From Robert Capa to Banksy” Padova, Italy

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