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I traveled to Niger for my Master’s thesis project, "Ethnological Fashion Photography," aiming to capture the essence of indigenous tribes. My objective was to study the impact of photography on natives from various backgrounds, some of whom had minimal exposure, if any, to this medium.


The psychological dynamics between photographer and subject during a photo session was a central focus of my research.


Inspired by "La photographie négociée" (Negotiated Photography) introduced  by my teacher photographer Michel Séméniako, I empowered subjects to control most aspects of the sessions, pose, attire, background... Clothing served as the main channel of interaction between myself and the natives.


In the Peul Bororo encampment, I decided to showcase on a rug western garments from designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Azzedine Alaïa. Intrigued, the Peul Bororo experimented with the clothes, blending them with their own accessories and traditional attire to create stunning combinations.


The photographs taken with the people of Niger stand as a testament to the profound and transformative impact of the photography medium. They illuminate a cross-cultural fluidity, where the boundaries of culture dissolve.

Photographs of African ethnicities from Niger.

Peul Bororo 1, Niger / Tepper Takayama Fine Arts

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