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Friends, Artists & Collectors...
An invitation to my table

2016 - Present

Since 2016 I have been inviting guests from all walks of life to sit for me with the same table.

I have always been captivated by the symbolism inherent in a table. While it may appear as a simple piece of furniture, it carries profound meaning. A table represents more than just a surface; it signifies gatherings, community, and shared experiences. It serves as a focal point where individuals converge to dine, converse, and forge connections. It embodies notions of openness, generosity, and inclusivity, underscoring the significance of human connection and community. These notions sparked my inspiration to embark on a series, welcoming individuals to sit for a portrait alongside this symbolic element.


Among those who have joined me are friends, acquaintances, and even strangers whose presence intrigued me, whether by their looks, my admiration for them, or both. They form a tapestry of New Yorkers, individuals who have embraced the myriad opportunities this remarkable city provides. Many have contributed to its vibrant essence, enriching its cultural fabric and embodying its truly exceptional spirit.

Portrait photography for an artistic conceptual project

SANDRA LONG, Antique Dealer & Collector

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