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Collectible cars

2007 - Present

As a photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of lines, there's nothing quite like the thrill of shooting collectible cars. These rare and exotic vehicles are works of art, and they require a skilled eye and a deep appreciation for automotive design to truly capture their essence in a photograph.

Whether it's the gleaming curves of a classic Ferrari, the timeless elegance of a vintage Jaguar, or the raw power and aerodynamic lines of a modern Lamborghini, each luxury car has its own unique personality and story to tell. My goal is to capture that essence like when I photograph the human body, to showcase the car's beauty and tell its story through my lens.

To achieve this, I use a variety of techniques, from lighting to color grading and primarily well thought out compositions. I work closely with collectors and owners to understand the history and significance of each car, and I take great care to create images that truly do them justice.

For me, photographing collectible luxury cars is both a creative and technical challenge, and one that I am always eager to take on. With each new car and each new shoot, I strive to push my skills and my art to new heights, constantly in pursuit of that perfect image that truly captures the magic of these incredible machines.



Time-laps BTS video of the GT3 RS photo session
Client Porsche - Splashlight Studios New York

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