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In my focus on abstract photography, I used the technique of painting with light to create the FRAGMENTS series. To achieve a painterly appearance, I utilized the fascinating possibilities of this medium, specifically here, by dragging the shutter and constantly moving the camera, keeping the lens as close as possible to my main element– the butterfly wings.

The FRAGMENTS photographs were created in a manner reminiscent of abstract expressionist paintings, where motion plays a crucial role in the process, and colors serve as significant ingredients.


Examining the large-scale FRAGMENTS photographs up close reveals incredibly rich and diaphanous gradients in the areas where the colors meet. This quality imparts a profound depth and an ethereal feeling to the pieces, evoking a sense of spirituality that seems to emanate from within.


Though not intentional, these abstract pieces channel the artistic essence of Mark Rothko's paintings and the light installations by contemporary artist James Turrell.


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