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2009 - Present

Light, the essence of photography, aligns with the word's Greek roots, meaning "drawing with light."

I have always been fascinated by life's fleeting nature and sought to explore it through an experiment involving light and reflection, using a specific physics principle I discovered years ago. In my series titled INNOCENCE, I aimed to illustrate how fragility aligns with temporality in our minds while strength is associated with eternity.


I created ephemeral sculptures from delicate materials, capturing them through photography to suspend time, a fundamental characteristic of the medium. Photography transforms the ephemeral into a seemingly "permanent" state.


Using large silver foil sheets, intricately crumpled to create abstract forms, I applied vibrant colors to capture light reflections instead of traditional methods like paint or projected lights. 


As the vulnerability of the foil vanished beneath the hues, the sculptures took on a robust appearance. Yet, originating from light reflections, their existence was ephemeral. Creating something fragile, evanescent, and irreplicable was my objective. Compelled by the interplay of colors and shapes, I immortalized each fleeting sculpture with my camera.


To emphasize the delicate and robust aspects of these sculptures, I incorporated butterflies, universally perceived as symbols of fragility, ephemeralness and symbol of positive energy.

INNOCENCE 35, New York 2019

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